The Eclectic Millionaire: Principle #5

eclectic millionaire Nov 23, 2020

How would you lead differently if your achievements and success were exclusively measured by the collective success of those you lead and love? 

Well intended, our innate desire to be celebrated and recognized by our peers inevitably leads to SLIPPAGE. 
What if we decided to be kingmakers, rather than kings. Queenmakers, rather than queens? 
I’d love to hear from you. What kings and queens in your life are you supporting to be their best? 
What types of relationships and community do you want to leave behind? What forms of intergenerational wealth really matter to you at the end of the day?
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The Eclectic Millionaire - Principle #4

eclectic millionaire Nov 09, 2020
Too many of us are waiting. Waiting until we complete a project or close a big deal before prioritizing time to investing in our healthset. Waiting until our kids get older before signing up for an adventure or learning opportunity that inspires us. 
In my observations, while in some cases these circumstances and excuses may be valid, too many of us allow this story to become a permanent narrative. 
Today I want to respective invite you to ask yourself what are you waiting for. Is it possible that you’ve been disguising self-sacrifice as self-discipline?
Intentionally crafting a life that allows us to personally experience joy in pursuit of achievement is an act of service to our teams, family and communities. 
Join me in this short video as I teach you how to use an ARTIST DATE to proactively create the space in your life to maintain the enthusiasm required for long-term leadership. 
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The Eclectic Millionaire: Principle #3

eclectic millionaire Nov 02, 2020

Dave Inglis teaches us the importance of becoming a master of your internal marketplace to make decisions that are aligned to our true nature and leadership potential.

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The Eclectic Millionaire: Principle #2

eclectic millionaire Oct 26, 2020

Dave Inglis introduces the importance of choosing to be the CEO of your life, not just your business. Join us as we discuss the importance of taking absolute personal responsibility for the ROI of your time, energy and relationships.

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The Eclectic Millionaire: Principle #1

eclectic millionaire Oct 19, 2020

Dave Inglis introduces the philosophy of becoming an eclectic millionaire and using a triple bottom line framework to build wealth in non-traditional currencies.

Click here to download our FREE Eclectic Millionaire workbook to define your triple bottom line. 


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The Most Important Investment I Made This Summer

eclectic millionaire Aug 29, 2020

A short story sharing one of the most important investments I made this summer to build connection and community in my life.

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